This is a business to business website. Only Hallmark employees and retail stores that carry Hallmark products and their designated employees have access to this site.
To obtain a Login ID
  • Hallmark Employees
    • Go to: to request access to HallmarkLink
    • Click on Services and Support
    • Click on Service Catalog
    • Click on Technology Service Request
    • Insert required information:
      1. Requested for: Your Name
      2. Preferred contact number and contact name
      3. In What General Area Service is the Service Needed: Select Application
      4. Where or on What is the Service Needed: Select HallmarkLink
      5. What Service is Requested: Select Access - create new HallmarkLink account
      6. Under Additional Information, type the following information:
      • Your full name (including the middle initial)
      • Your Hallmark employee number
      • Your Hallmark enterprise id (user account login id)
      • Your Hallmark business phone number
      • Your Hallmark email address
      • Your Job Title
      • Salesperson# if applicable
      • Target Market: USA, Canada or International
    • Click Submit
    • Workflow will send a request to your Manager for approval of your HallmarkLink access request.
    Your HallmarkLink Login ID and password will be sent within three business days, to the e-mail address designated once approval is received and your employee status is verified.
  • Hallmark Retail Owner
    The individual listed as the owner of the store(s) must call the following to receive their Login ID and Password. Through HallmarkLink's User Support area, owners have the ability to assign delegates to use HallmarkLink.
    • USA: Customer Support Services.
    • Canada: Customer Service Department.
    • International: Hallmark International Service Center.
  • Hallmark Corporate Store Group (CSG) Employee (Store Manager, Sales Associate)
    Contact your manager.
  • Mass Channel Retailers
    Contact your Hallmark Sales Rep.
Password Information
  • Forgot your password? Click here .
  • The first time you access the website, you will be required to change your temporary password.
  • Password change: You may change your password at any time.
If you are a Hallmark employee and need other HallmarkLink help or assistance, please send an email to:
Technical Requirements
  • Any Web browser that can handle Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, forms, tables and frames, such as Netscape Navigator v4.7 or newer and Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.5 or newer.
  • Javascript and cookies must be enabled.
  • Some information may be in PDF format and will require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.
  • Some dowload files may be in a zip file format and require that you have zip software to read them. Mac users should have Stuffit with the Mac operating system. Windows users can download PkZip Reader for free.
You may download the required software from these websites:
Netscape (for Netscape Navigator/Communicator)
Microsoft (for MS Internet Explorer)
Adobe (for Acrobat Reader)
ZIP Reader (zip utility for Windows)